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Jennis Ardern

Facebook Wearable Art Competition

How to enter:

a) Send a photo of an Australian plant or flower to @jennisardernartist on Facebook on the competition post OR

b) comment the name of an Australian plant to the competition post

-   entries must be submitted by 9pm Thursday 4th of March 

Terms and Conditions:

- entries will be numbered in order of posting to the page and a random number generator will be used to determine the winner.  

- The winner will be announced on the Facebook page @jennisardernartist at 9:30pm EAST on Thursday 4th of March.

- The winner has 48 hours to Private Message, Text message, call or email Jennis Ardern or the results will become void and a second draw will take place.

- These tickets are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for money or other goods 

- The passes are valid for the 2 wearable art workshops currently listed on www.jennisardern.com for March 5th and 9th.

- If the passes are not used for these workshops, they may be saved and used within 12 months IF future wearable art workshops take place.  However, NO guarantee is made that future wearable art workshops will take place

-P places in the March workshops must be reserved 12 hours prior them taking place via 0435529808 or via Private Message.  Places in all other workshops must be booked by contacting Jennis Ardern on 0435529808 or via Private Message prior to all spaces being filled.

- Jennis Ardern Artist reserves the right to cancel any workshops due to illness or COVID-19 or minimum numbers not being met.

- Liking or sharing the promotional posts or profile will not give participants extra entries

- Facebook is in no way responsible for this promotion or liable for supplying any prizes