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Jennis Ardern

Calm Breeze at Moreton Bay


Image of Calm Breeze at Moreton Bay

The calm breeze sweeps through the bay carrying the salty sea scents away from the shimmering waters as a dance of tides play over the tangled roots of mangrove trees.

The earth is patched with colour: soft golden sands, the dunes heights wearing down with use, shifting water cutting a persistent path it's passage swelling then dwindling then swelling again with banks as changeable as the weather, green meadow grasses, seeds shaking free at the softly sifting airs insistence, bronze touched fields and red earth baking in the heat of an Australian sun.

Above it all tall gums stretch aloof reaching towards the sun as it sets and rises, marking days end only to herald in the new at it's return, a promise of many days to come.

Calm Breeze at Moreton Bay tells a story of change and acceptance, of weathering hardships and living in the now, this painting brings harmony and mindfulness to hang with it.

Ink and Acrylic on canvas.
46cm x 61.5cm