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Jennis Ardern

In the Arms of Sacred Love


Image of In the Arms of Sacred Love

The arms of my mother
held me long before I was born,
she knew me and I was a part of her.
I passed into this mortal world:
death and life both close to me.
Then I drew breath and came to live
separated from the home that I had known.

Arms held me tight and I could hear
the familiar drumbeat
that had brought me to life
and helped me to grow.
The heart of my mother,
the sound of heaven and earth,
a future of love.

I was inspired to illustrate 'In the Arms of Sacred Love' during a visit to The Holy House in Loreto, Italty. Paintings by master artists depicting the life of Mary led to a desire to create an artwork that recreated that respect for motherhood in regard to all mothers and all women.

A2 Ink on Paper