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Jennis Ardern

Patchwork Landscapes


Image of Patchwork Landscapes

‘Patchwork Landscapes’ uses acrylic squares to represent a patchwork quilt rather than the traditional pieced fabrics. This removes the practical use of the quilt to challenge the way quilting has been viewed; more as a domestic craft rather than as an artistic pursuit. The love and connection that motivates the creation of a quilt, for example, the celebration of a milestone, then becomes the focus. ‘Patchwork Landscapes’ is a celebration of human relationships; the emotional attachments we experience that bind us together. Each individual square is connected, bridging to the next part; separate pieces and yet also an integral part of the whole.

The collective practice of quilt making; where communities or families would come together to work on a single quilt is reflected in the subject of landscapes. The environment belongs to no one individual, but the care and enjoyment of the land is a collective practice. This patchwork landscape is a symbol of connection: to each other, to the past, to love, to sacrifice, to hardship, to the land, to self, to loss and to shared joy.