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Jennis Ardern

About Jennis

Jennis Ardern
Artist Biography

Jennis Ardern is a multidisciplinary artist recognised for her colourful landscape paintings and participatory installations. Care for the environment and her community run through her practice. Jennis' paintings are welcoming and use heightened, saturated, and bright colour. By translating real and remembered places into fanciful collages, she evokes memories of child-like wonder. She brings together disparate landscapes and temporalities through bold sweeps of organic linework.

Jennis’ collaborative and interactive installations harness co-creation strategies and often invite viewers to touch or keep adding to the work. Her artwork is equally spirited and peaceful. She invites viewers to explore their identification with the landscape or to uncover something often forgotten within: a connection to the earth, sky, and water of the places where we stand.

Jennis is an artist based in the Moreton Bay Region, and has been accepted for a 6 month Artist in Residency at The Caboolture Hub Studio 4, starting in February 2022.  Jennis continues to exhibit her artworks in Brisbane galleries and galleries thoughout regional Queensland.