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Jennis Ardern

Impermanence in Stands and Falls


Image of Impermanence in Stands and Falls

Time is woven into the winds,
Carried upon the swift waters,
Born into the leaves and stems,
Rested upon the naked sands,
Held deep within the standing stones

No thing remains immune to her
From height or depths or earth or flesh
All mortal things she calls
To her, as clay to mold and shape
Firmly clasped unto her breast.

Yet on unfettered wings
The soul lives on and the memory of life
Sings through the ages of time
And stretches on into the future
And throughout the eternities.

If you are looking for a vivid work of art that speaks to your soul 'Impermanence in Stands and Falls' will make a wonderful addition to your home.

Acrylic paint and Ink on canvas.

76 x 91cm

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