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Jennis Ardern

Life in Bloom Beneath the Sea Foam

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Image of Life in Bloom Beneath the Sea Foam

There is beauty in the deep below the waves
Should you venture forth from shallows to seek it
Submerged beneath the chain of barrier isles
Bright jewels to shame cold diamonds dart
Among unlikely flowers, lively blooms, natures assemblage
How unparalleled it is to delve into the depths
And cays of living labyrinth to glimpse
The hidden treasures of the sunken realm

A visual feast 'Life in Bloom Beneath the Sea Foam' provides a glimpse into the hidden world of the Great Barrier Reef, and the fragile ecosystem submerged below the crash of the waves. A bold parallel to the hidden depths of beauty, pain and connection to be explored and cultivated between human relationships.

This vibrant original Ink and Acrylic painting on canvas is ready to hang.

76cm x 51cm

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