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Jennis Ardern

Woman Found Amongst the Pear Trees


Image of Woman Found Amongst the Pear Trees

In ‘Woman Found Amongst the Pear Trees’ the human experience is reflected by that of the pear tree. The sprouting seeds, young growing trees and the trees bearing fruit are all shown.

An echo of this is in the woman or mother. She is the representation of past generations, of her own present self and of future life.

Acrylic paint and Ink on Canvas

Woman Found Amongst the Pear Trees

The first of wisdoms
Held wooded in a
Veil of pulp and skin.
Seeking purchase.

Nature's care sustains
Sapling limbs and roots
To spring forth
In exuberance.

Brave heart, a giants,
Kept in scion's trust
Beats life through
Hopeful veins.

Misfortune's battering,
Mortality's claim
Is but a forge to
Temper youth.

Enriched by Providence
The tree in realisation,
First in blooms then
Bringing fruit.

At the core in trust
Holds all parental
Wisdom and possibility
Of generations new.